• We Are Total Life Support and Supply Company.

    We plan, develop, operate and improve Food Services, Supply Chains and Life Support Services worldwide.

    But that’s not all we do – we successfully deliver aviation, communication, construction and security solutions, best-value food supply, retail and duty-free concessions, innovative morale welfare activities and facilities, facility maintenance and professional services in austere, conflict and peace-building regions, to Corporations, Organizations, Militaries and Governments.

We are proud to call Major Governments, Institutions and Organisations as our customers and have been serving their needs since our incorporation. Every year we expand our reach and our operations networking more customers than ever before. Our aggressive market approach has positioned us uniquely to offer the services lacking, yet critically required, in non-permissive regions.

We currently coordinate, manage, support or advise some of the world’s most ambitious and important development, exploration, infrastructure, logistics, peace-keeping, military, tourism, procurement and logistics projects, for hundreds of highly satisfied clients.

Ciano Trading & Services C. T.&S. S.p.A.
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