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At Ciano we work to establish the trust of our partners, and we are privileged to work with the partners that we do. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics. Our governance and ethics responsibility code serves as a map that guides the daily actions of our employees, directors and affiliates ensuring integrity as we forge relationships worldwide.


Our Responsibilities

At Ciano, we impact large volumes of people on a daily basis, largely through innovative support projects for the exploration, infrastructure, logistics and defence industries. We have an obligation to serve and support the communities and to act to benefit society at large. We take any measures necessary to ensure that all of our projects comply with this responsibility.

We represent partners, and are entrusted with their responsibilities. Through implementation of our corporate and community responsibilities we ensure that our partners are always strengthened through our actions, and we are unyielding in delivering this oath. When Ciano accepts a project, a commitment of transparency, integrity and best practice is assured.

It is not the banners above our door, but the people that wave them. We commit to each of our staff active training and development programs and opportunities for career development. Ciano provides unrivalled benefits and operates with integrity towards all staff. We are focused on maintaining our reputation as a leader in all of our business divisions, and acknowledging our employees for making this possible. We also adopt industry leading health and safety guidelines to ensure that all of our staff operate in safe environments, in accordance to international standards. At Ciano we believe in people – in the possibility of change, in releasing potential, in inclusion and in self-determination.

Our Human Resource policies and practices derive from the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998); ILO International Labor Standards – Discrimination (Employment and Occupation) Recommendation, 1958 (No. 111); and the UN Human Resources Management Guidelines. Necessary amendments are made to ensure our policies are achievable in certain regions. Diversity and inclusion are critical to the development of a sustainable team in the environments in which we operate, and we maintain a minimum of 25% female to male ratio across our Group and services. We are experts at developing the perfect team composition to ensure high-staff morale and exceptional output.

We are committed to balancing our impacts on the environment. We take such measures as necessary, and continuously source green alternatives. We source materials derived from renewable sources, we make changes to our supply chain to recommend the use of green materials that do not harm or threaten the environment, and we maximize our recycling efforts. We use recyclable packaging in our food divisions, and promote the value of sustainably sourced products. As well as sustainable procurement systems, we operate to ISO 14001:2004 environmental management standards.