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Our goal is to deliver viable, customer focused services in established, crisis and austere locations, without compromising exceptional quality of life and welfare.

As well as supporting offshore facilities and ships; we maintain permanent and long-term satellite operations, including retail, accommodation and distribution centres, all over the world.

Every year we expand in to new markets where our services can bring value and support to clients and communities.

Recent Projects

Construction of U.N Shama Base
Our team completed, ahead of schedule, the development of an accommodation complex comprising 9 buildings on the U.N.2-3 Shama Base, for the United Nations.

The project demanded supply & installation of an electrical energy plant consisting of 5 generators of 500 KVA each, including connections, a reverse osmosis water purification plant, all water and sewerage connections, installation of photo-electric solar cells for external lighting, the installation of a thermal solar plant for water heating, and all of the base infrastructure, including passive defenses with watch towers & sentry posts.

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Catering for NATO, Kosovo
Ciano were awarded a large contract for Catering Services, Food Supply, Bottled Water Supply and Maintenance of Kitchen and Warehouse Facilities for NATO at Camp Film City, Kosovo.

Performance in respect to Food Safety and Hygiene is permanently supervised by a USA-F Army Veterinary Officer and a KFOR COTR/QA specialist. The Ciano operation is audited monthly and audit results have always been rated from very good to excellent.

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Food Supply for ISAF, Afghanistan
The German Ministry of Defense awarded Ciano the contract for Catering Services, Maintenance of Kitchen and Warehouse, Food Supply and Bottled Water Supply at Camp Marmal, Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan.

The total population in Camp Marmal is approximately 6000 soldiers from all ISAF nations plus contractors. On average the service required 6400 meals every day, 7 days per week. The meal attendees being mainly German soldiers, US military personnel, and then smaller numbers of ISAF member nations personnel.

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Life Support for Repsol, Peru
We are proud to call some of the largest governments, institutions and organisations our customers, and have been serving their needs since our incorporation. Every year we expand our reach and our operations, networking more customers than ever before. Our aggressive market approach has positioned us uniquely to offer the services lacking, yet critically required, in non-permissive regions.

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United Nations, Cargo Transport, China
Our aviation division supported the movement of 500 tons of cargo from Jinan, China to Entebbe, Uganda and Juba, South Sudan in support of UN contingency operations using a combination of Antonov 124s, Ilyushion 76s and Boeing B747F.

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