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We Are Total Life Support and Supply:

We plan, develop, operate and improve supply chains and life-support services world-wide;

But that’s not all we do - we successfully deliver aviation, communication, construction, and security solutions, best-value food supply, retail and duty-free concessions, innovative morale welfare activities and facilities, facility maintenance, and professional services, in austere, conflict and peace-building regions, to major national and international corporations, organizations, militaries and governments.

We boast unique capabilities which position us to deliver consolidated, vital services, as necessary, in hard to access and high-risk areas, in rapid time. We are ambitious in our approach, we listen, we respond, we troubleshoot, and we deliver the highest quality and most sustainable services and products, every time.

Our all-inclusive camp support facilities yield exceptional levels of morale, and our catering services with Italian, Mediterranean and International styles are world-renowned. Our successful operations around the world provide more than convenience; they provide unparalleled quality of life (QOL).

For over a century we have been adding value to each relationship forged. We define value by our proven ability to deliver the perfect blend of accredited, industry leading services, award-winning customer experience, best-practice sustainability programs, and total flexibility, at the lowest cost. Often this means that we need to look at things creatively, and call on our innovations to approach scenarios differently, seeking new answers. This commitment and passion is what sets us apart.


Our Mission

Strive to be the acknowledged global leader and preferred partner in empowering clients to realize their full potential. Our purpose is to support our partners’ missions, ambitions and growth through superior service, innovation, and commitment.

Our Vision

To become the partner of choice across all of our business divisions, to grow and enhance our services to the benefit of our clients, and to be admired for our people, partnership, products and performance.